Don’t call it machine learning: A New Approach for Troubleshooting with the Elastic Stack

Silicon Valley

May 12, 2022, 12:00 – 2:00 AM


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Doors open at 5 pm and the presentation begins at 5:30 pm. Food, refreshments, and networking to follow!

The All Hands Meeting Room is located in Suite 170 on the first floor. *Depending on the total number of RSVPs, the event may be moved to the third floor. The event details will be updated prior to the meetup*

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Talk Abstract: Don’t call it machine learning: A New Approach for Troubleshooting with the Elastic Stack - Larry Lancaster - Founder and CTO @ Zebrium 

Imagine this: you wake up to find your Slack blowing up. Alerts are going off and users are complaining. You go straight to your monitoring dashboard, and you can see right away there's a problem. What's not clear is the reason: what happened? When you can't tell the root cause from your other canned dashboards and alert rules, you have to go searching through logs. You sink into despair... it's going to be a long night.

In this technical discussion, we'll describe an unsupervised machine learning approach that mimics the process of an experienced troubleshooter. It identifies small clusters of log events that are the best indicators of root cause. The resultant payload is summarized using NLP and sent with relevant metrics to Elasticsearch for visualization alongside other observability data on any Kibana dashboard. Rod Bagg, Founder and VP Engineering, will describe and demo the machine learning technology together with feedback from real-world users.

COVID Protocols: Currently, there are no covid policies in place - masks are not required, but attendees are welcome to wear one.


  • Ajay Singh

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  • Larry Lancaster


    Founder and CTO

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