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Organize a User Group

Organize a user group

Here's a complete guide to organizing meetups.

We know that people enjoy giving back to the communities they care about, so we've created this guide to help you get started on your path to starting a user group.

Host a Meetup

Host a meetup

We’re always looking for places to host our meetups. If your company, coworking space, or startup accelerator is available for Elastic community members to meet, please contact us. Your facilities don't need to be fancy — we're looking for a comfortable vibe, projector, screen, chairs, and a place to serve refreshments. Host an Elastic meetup.

Speak at a Meetup

Speak at a meetup

We want to hear from you — and so do other meetup members! Present about your Elastic Stack stories — be it a lightning round talk or a full hour session with Q&A. Our Speaker Guide is full of tips on giving a stellar presentation.

Elastic Event Support

Elastic event support

We'll make sure you're ready to rock your event by setting you up with:

  • A box of goodies for your meetup that includes t-shirts, stickers, and other swag for your attendees
  • A budget for refreshments
  • Connections to interested speakers and hosts
  • Promotions for your event on our website, blog, and social media channels

We have special gifts for our volunteer organizers, too. Thank you for all you do to grow and nurture our community.

Building Elastic communities

The global Elastic community runs on local time. Current Elastic community organizers share how they were inspired (including some tips and tricks) to start local user groups.

Meetup resources

Find everything you need to host a successful Elastic meetup

Community organizer guide

Community organizer guide

From choosing a venue to budgeting for refreshments.

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Speaker guide

Speaker guide

Everything you need to take the stage and rock your presentation.

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Get in touch

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