Observability in Microservices and CNCF Buildpacks

Quebec City

Apr 27, 2021, 4:35 – 5:05 PM


About this event

We are partnering with Eastern Canadian CNCF Meetup for their April 2021 meetup. You can RSVP directly on their meetup page. 

Do you remember that microservice that you wrote and successfully deployed in production a few weeks ago? I am afraid to tell you that it is underperforming and occasionally generating faults that compromise the rest of the system. Could you please join our war room in an hour to help us fix this as quickly as possible? For most developers, this reads like the plot of a horror movie. There is nothing scarier for developers than fixing problems that they have no idea about where to start — because their microservice is just a piece of a larger puzzle composed of different other microservices, databases, and distributed systems. Though observability is the right answer for scenarios like this, the reality is that it might not be in place yet to make the difference effectively. The internet is not running in short supply of resources that explain in detail what this new buzzword called observability is about and why you need it so hard. However, very few explain how to implement it as quickly as possible to troubleshoot scenarios like those mentioned above. This talk will show in 40 minutes how to implement observability from scratch and how to leverage traces from the transactions to identify problems in microservices.

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