Elastic at Scale & Intro to Kibana


Apr 30, 2016, 4:30 – 7:30 AM


About this event


Session I:

1. Lucene revisit

2. elasticsearch shard

3. elasticsearch cluster

4. Bringing up a new cluster in EC2.

5. Elasticsearch at scale.

6. Performance tips

7. Deployment and Monitoring.

8. Use Case.

Session II:

Introduction to Kibana


1. Tejo Gowtham:

He is a senior software engineer at Talentica Software Pvt. Ltd. with  6 years of experience as a backend developer. Worked on nosql databases like mongodb,aerospike,allegrograph etc.

2. Yuvraj Gupta:

He has written a book titled "Kibana Essentials" aimed at englightening people about Kibana. It is a one-stop book for anyone who wishes to learn about Kibana & first book to be published solely on Kibana. Currently he is working as Big Data QA Engineer.

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