Docker/Kubernetes Meetup with Michael Hyatt & Rajesh Ramasamy


May 6, 2020, 8:00 – 10:00 AM


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Talk 1 (6:00 pm – 6:45 pm)


TITLE: “Application Observability on Kubernetes with Elastic Stack (Hands-on Demo)”

Kubernetes seems to be the go-to container orchestration technology these days helping break up that monolith into smaller, more manageable microservices. The resulting components are much smaller and simpler, Kubernetes helps a lot with the management of the distributed application components, but the resulting application is way more complex to monitor. To make monitoring easier, the industry coined the term “observability”.

Observability relies on three “pillar” data pieces: logs, metrics and application performance monitoring, or APM for short. Now, how does one go about collecting these on Kubernetes? Well, Google search is a great starting point. There is no shortage of tools that can handle logs, metrics and application performance monitoring, but this can result in the “best of breed” monitoring Frankenstein that will be a clump of 3-6 different tools, vendors and technologies…

Elastic has a better approach. It can do all three in one tool. This talk presents the Elastic way of solving the observability challenge for applications running on Kubernetes. This webinar will cover the hands-on tutorial that users can run to learn how Elastic stack can be used to observe applications running on Kubernetes. In this talk we will cover:

Challenge with application observability on Kubernetes.

How Elastic solves it with beats and APM.

Tutorial overview.

Deploying the beats.

Deploying the application components and APM agents.

A tour around Kibana to show the goodness of logs, metrics and APM, all in one spot.

SPEAKER: Michael Hyatt – Solutions Architect, Elastic

Solutions architect/consultant with experience and passion about all things tech: cloud, APIs, integration, DevOps, programming, business intelligence, big data, and more. Diverse experience with projects in various industries. Successful in customer facing roles. Strong delivery focus on project implementations. Significant experience with pre-sales engagements and tailored proof of concept solutions.

Talk 2 (6:45 pm – 7:30 pm)


TITLE: “Kubernetes Operators”

Operators are services written to encapsulate all of those ops considerations for a specific K8S app & ensure that all aspects of its lifecycle, from configuration & deployment to upgrades, monitoring, & failure-handling, are integrated right into the K8S framework & invoked when needed. The Operator Framework provides an SDK to handle calling the K8S API, making it easier to focus on your own business logic.

SPEAKER: Rajesh Kanna Ramasamy – K8S Specialist, Macquarie Group

Rajesh is a Cloud & DevOps evangelist working w/ enterprise orgs (Citi, IBM Cloud, Fed Gov, Westpac & Macquarie Grp). He’s actively involved in large scale auto & cloud transformation projects across A/NZ w/ leading Banks, Energy Retailers, Gov’t & Airline industries. With 18+ yrs of engineering background w/ specialization in Cloud Native development, microservices & containers, he has significant exp in design, build & rollout large scale Prod-ready K8S clusters on-prem & cloud for Fed Gov & Bank.

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***All registrations via the link below***

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