Mumbai Meetup July 2022 (In-Person)


Saturday, July 2, 2022, 4:00 – 8:30 AM UTC


About this event

Hi, Elastic Fantastics!

Join us for our In-Person event held in partnership with Quantiphi and Google. The event is held at the Quantiphi Analytics Solution Private Limited office in Mumbai West followed by lunch!

*Please note you need to show a Government ID, Covid Vaccination Certificate, and RSVP for the event for admission.

This meetup will cover multiple talks from speakers covering various Elastic and Google use cases. The event details are as follows:


Welcome Note: GDG Cloud Mumbai & Elastic

Session 1: 

Title: Getting started with Elastic Stack

Speaker: Ashish Tiwari 

Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Beats) is a platform that is built for scalability, performance, and “You know... for Search”. When you have a system that scales to the horizons of your data, helps you in your data quest, and shows you insights - imagine what you can do with it.

Join Ashish Tiwari, as he explains popular open-source search platforms. Ashish will also explain various practical use cases of Elastic Stack and demonstrate some.

Session 2:

Title: Data Engineering on GCP

Speaker: Nirav Kothari

Session 3:

Title: New cloud announcements at Google I/O

Speaker: Dharmesh Vaya

Session 4:

Title: Elastic Stack use case in Banking Domain

Speaker: Ajit Gadge

Ajit will talk and present how the Developer community can use the Elastic Stack to aggregate logs while they develop and deploy applications. He will take you through how Elastic Stack also helps developers and administrators quickly diagnose issues and errors and helps the business team to get real-time analytics while the business is running.  

Session 5:

Title: How to Scale Elastic-search in Multi-Tier workload

Speaker: Abhijit Pisharody

Abihijit will take you through how one can put Elastic Search as the distributed database in Kubernetes and show you how Elastic Stack scales using Kubernetes pods while deploying multi-tier applications on the Cloud, on-prem. He will show a live Demo as well. 

Session 6: 

Fireside Chat / Networking / Lunch - 1 hour