GenAI Workshop - ChatGPT and Elasticsearch: OpenAI meets private data


Aug 5, 2023, 5:30 – 8:30 AM


Leveraging ChatGPT with Elasticsearch

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About this event

Combine Elasticsearch's search relevance (BM25 + Semantic Search) with OpenAI's ChatGPT's question-answering capabilities to query your private/proprietary data.

Despite the incredible potential of ChatGPT, there are certain limitations like -

- Knowledge cutoff date

- Lacks access to relevant information

- Lack of knowledge about domain-specific content

In this hands-on workshop, We will learn how to connect ChatGPT to proprietary data stores using Elasticsearch and build question/answer capabilities for your data. In a demo, We will see how you can quickly convert your website, FAQ, or any documentation in prompt chat where your user can directly ask a question on your data. The entire interface will be built on python.


1. You have used ChatGPT :)

2. Good to have understanding around Elasticsearch (Not mandatory, Introduction will be cover)

3. System + Internet connection

4. Git - Install it from

5. Docker - Install it from

5. Having basic python knowledge will be good.  

6. OpenAI account with API key - Create new one from Make sure it having free credits.


Elastic overview by Abhishek Sharma
GenAI in Elastic & ChatGPT + Elasticsearch by Ashish Tiwari


  • Abhishek Sharma

    Search Inc

    Cloud Engineer

  • Ashish Tiwari


    Senior Developer Advocate


  • Nilesh Shinde

    Local Community Organiser

  • Abhishek Sharma

    Searce Inc

    Cloud Engineer

  • Fardin Samir


    Student community lead Mumbai

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