Mumbai January Elastic Meetup


Jan 30, 2019, 1:30 – 3:30 PM


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Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year 2019!
The January Elastic meetup is here.

Interested in learning new features full-text search, managing event logs or monitoring your application?

Come join us and ask us all the questions you have on Elastic Stack :)


Talk 1:
Title: Deploying Elasticsearch on Kubernetes using Helm Charts
Name: Aravind Putrevu
Designation: Developer Advocate
Company : Elastic
Time: 1 hour

The shift to microservices and cloud native application architectures is a liberating paradigm for developers; but the dynamic nature of these newer frameworks also introduce a number of interesting challenges ranging from observability to inventory management.

Users are turning to the Elastic Stack to solve these problems because the open source and flexible nature of Elastic products allows them to extend into uncharted space in a fast and agile manner.

In this talk we will look at deploying elasticsearch on Kubernetes using the official helm charts.

Talk 2:
Title: What's new in Elastic Stack 6.x?
Name: Ravi Ramnani
Designation: Solution Architect
Company : Elastic
Time: 45min

It may be labelled a minor version, but there’s nothing minor about this release. 6.x introduced many new features - from foundational stack-level features that apply to multiple use cases to more solution-specific features that aim to provide more turnkey experiences around specific use cases.

- Cross Cluster Replication Beta
- Java 11 support and G1GC
- Infrastructure & Logs UI
- APM: Distributed Tracing , Java & GoLang Agents
- Kibana: Canvas, Spaces, Rollup UI
- Machine Learning: Automatic Data Ingestion & Mapping
- Beats - Functionbeat, Journalbeat Beta

are to name a few.. I'll do a demo to cover some.

Talk 3:
Title: Build a production-grade web & mobile application on the Cloud
Name: Vivek Sridhar
Designation: DevOps Champion, Ex-Dev Advocate
Company : DigitalOcean
Time: 45min

Wondering how to configure a production environment for scale? Come listen to Vivek Sridhar, Ex-Developer Advocate at DigitalOcean, and learn how to Build a production-grade web & mobile application on the Cloud

Attend this session to learn:

- The factors to consider while building a production application
- Planning a monitoring & logging strategy for scaling
- How to design a recovery plan
And more!


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