How Haptik leverages Elasticsearch for Bot Intelligence and Analytics


Feb 26, 2019, 1:00 – 3:00 PM


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-- This is a Free event --

Thanks to Haptik for hosting the February Elastic meetup!
Join us to hear about how Haptik leverages Elasticsearch for bot intelligence and analytics. Our local solution architect, Ravi Ramnani, will also be speaking on Logging, Metrics, and APM: The Operations Trifecta with the Elastic Stack.

Bring your own experiences with the Elastic Stack and meet fellow Elastic users!

Session 1:
Speaker: Ranvijay Jamwal, DevOps Lead, Haptik
Topic: Elasticsearch architecture and setup at Haptik

- Why Elasticsearch?
- The Architecture of Elastic Stack at Haptik
- Using ES across environments
- Some ES good practices
- Storage, Backup, Security, Monitoring
- Elasticsearch on Spot Instances

Session 2:
Speaker: Deep Singh Baweja, Associate Engineering Manager, Haptik
Topic: Use cases of Elasticsearch at Haptik

Part I:
- Our analytics tool
- Complex aggregate queries
- Learnings
- Code organization when it comes to building a query

Part II:
- What are entities at Haptik
- Our bot builder tool
- How we use aliases

Session 3:
Speaker: Ravi Ramnani, Solution Architect, Elastic
Topic: Logging, Metrics, and APM: The Operations Trifecta

Explore how the Elastic Stack can be used for a comprehensive operational analytics deployment, including infrastructure and application logging and metrics, as well as deep APM transaction analysis.

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