Data Mesh: Real Time Situational Awareness

Government and Education

Jan 20, 2022, 9:00 – 9:45 PM


About this event

There are so many great datastore options. Many large data Common Data Fabric (CDF) architectures employ a combination of RDMBs, NoSQL, file storage, or search. But which is the best datastore for your use case? And what major advantage does a search datastore provide?

Join Elastic Principal Solutions Architect Nathan Stacey to learn how CDF architectures are built and which datastores are best for common use cases. Then get a helpful overview of each datastore, along with its advantages and disadvantages.

You’ll also get a deep dive into the major advantage of utilizing a search datastore: a data mesh for real-time situational awareness. With an in-depth look at the real-time situational awareness use case, you’ll leave knowing how to take advantage of the power of search to achieve your mission. 


  • Compare different datastores advantages
  • Walk through actual DoD large data “Common Data Fabrics”
  • In Depth look at the Real Time Situational Awareness Use-Case


  • Nathan Stacey


    Principal Solutions Architect


  • Ariana Aguilar


    Community Organizer

  • Arlan Parry


    Community Organizer

  • Monique Vandamme-Wildt


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