Keep an eye on your cluster performance with the Performance Inspector Tool

EMEA Virtual

Thursday, March 10, 2022, 4:00 – 5:00 PM UTC


About this event

Have you recently experienced any performance drop of your Elasticsearch cluster? Are your queries taking too long to return the expected results? Does the indexing phase seem to be way slower than it used to be? Here's the solution: wrap your head around the exhaustive - and massive - amount of info returned from specific Elasticsearch APIs, cross-check the returned data, apply the proper correlation logics and "BAM": call an expert! ...OR, install the  Performance Inspector Tool as a Kibana plugin, run a quick check and easily acknowledge what's wrong within a handful of minutes!

Thought for both beginners and advanced Elastic users, PIT will run all the above-mentioned queries for you, intersect data, apply the required logics, check whether your cluster conforms to the Elastic best practices and provide you with a synoptic representation of your cluster and data status.

Once installed as a simple Kibana plugin, the tool is rapidly accessible from the Kibana sidebar and, once initialized via a simple button click, it immediately starts analyzing your cluster and providing you with intelligible data and scores.

Fast, easy-to-use, Kibana-styled and terrifically useful!