Elastic Meetup with Adobe

San Francisco

Dec 16, 2015, 2:00 – 5:00 AM


About this event

Join us for a meetup with Adobe on Tuesday, December 15th at Adobe's San Francisco office.   

Our speaker line-up for the night includes, Scott Prevost and Brett Butterfield––both from Adobe, who will talk about Elasticsearch in the Creative Cloud, and Elastic's Shane Connelly who will talk a bit about the past, the present (2.x), and future of Elasticsearch resiliency.

Great conversation, food, and beverages will be provided! 


Elasticsearch in the Creative Cloud

Adobe’s Creative Cloud provides the tools and services that enable our customers to transform their brightest ideas into brilliant digital media content, across desktop, mobile and the web. Search is increasingly important for our users, enabling them to find their own creative assets, assets that have been shared with them, as well as new assets they can acquire. We’re building search for all kinds of digital media, from photos, illustrations, and sketchbooks, to brushes, typefaces and color palettes, and even the portfolio of creative professionals in our Behance community. We’re betting big on search, and Elasticsearch is our platform of choice. In this talk, we’ll introduce the range of search applications we’re building with Elasticsearch,  the cutting edge ways search will enhance our users' workflows, the integration of deep learning tech from Adobe research labs, and some of the unique opportunities and challenges we face in searching the world of digital media content.

Scott Prevost joined Adobe as VP Search in July 2015. Prior to Adobe, he was VP Product Management at eBay, responsible for the global buying experience. He got his start working in search at Powerset, a startup specializing in semantic search, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2008. Prior to eBay, Scott spent several years at Microsoft managing the integration of Powerset into Bing.

Brett Butterfield joined Adobe as a Principal Technology Manager after the acquisition of Pixelpipe in 2013. Prior to Adobe, he was CEO & Founder of Pixelpipe, Director of R&D for Kodak Mobile, Imaging Architect for Ofoto & a Product Manager/Engineer at Silicon Graphics. In his spare time, Brett enjoys cycling, yoga & exploring GitHub repos.

Elasticsearch Resiliency

Some use Elasticsearch as a primary datastore, some set-up comprehensive back-up solutions using features such as Elasticsearch's Snapshot and Restore, while others use Elasticsearch in conjunction with a data storage system like Hadoop or even flat files.  We'll talk a bit about the past, the present (2.x), and future of Elasticsearch resiliency from what's been solved to what we know still needs to be done.  We'll cover some of the most common resiliency issues and what can be done both inside and outside of Elasticsearch to help mitigate them.

Shane Connelly is a product manager at Elastic, where he focuses on elasticsearch. Prior to Elastic, he spent the last 7 years developing, architecting, and managing search and analytics products.  Most recently he was the product manager for the enterprise search, speech recognition, and computer vision components of HP's big data platform.



Wednesday, December 16, 2015
2:00 AM – 5:00 AM UTC

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