September Elastic Meetup with Atlassian


Sep 28, 2019, 5:00 – 8:00 AM


About this event

Hello Everyone,

The September Elastic Meetup is going to be held on September 28th!
Shoutout to Atlassian Bangalore for hosting us this time!
So join us to explore the Elastic stack and do bring your questions along!


Talk 1:
Title: Kibana Canvas - Showcase Your Data, Live & Pixel-Perfect
Speaker: Siddhant Agnihotry
Designation: Data/Software Engineer
Company : Atlassian
Time: 1 hour

Canvas is a data visualization and presentation tool that sits within Kibana. Backed by Elasticsearch, Canvas lets you create dynamic, pixel-perfect, infographic-style presentations of your live Elasticsearch data. If you are a little bit creative, a little bit technical, and a whole lot curious, then Canvas is for you.

The talk will include live demo to showcase the usage of Canvas.

Talk 2:
Title: Using ElasticSearch for Big Data Analysis
Speaker: Kashinath Gokarn
Designation: Senior Software Engineer
Company : FICO
Time: 1 hour

ElasticSearch to build the data infrastructure makes it easier to linearly scale as new data nodes are added in the future. Collecting data is good and collecting Big Data is better, but analyzing Big Data is not easy. It requires knowledge of enterprise search engines for making content from different sources like enterprise databases, social media, sensor data, etc. searchable to a defined audience. ElasticSearch, Apache Solr, and Sphinx are some of the free and open-source enterprise search software. While applications of ElasticSearch have advanced to Machine Learning, in this talk, I will try to summarize a simple use case for Big Data analysis using ElasticSearch. ElasticSearch recently added Machine Learning algorithms to its enterprise stack for the purpose of finding anomalies in time-series
log data.

Talks will be followed by AMA (Ask me Anything!) and networking session.

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Saturday, September 28, 2019
5:00 AM – 8:00 AM UTC

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