Feb 2018 Elasticsearch Meetup


Feb 3, 2018, 5:00 – 8:30 AM


About this event

- This is a free event -

Hello Everyone,

On 3rd February, we are going to discuss about the New Elastic Stack release and solutions powered by the Elastic Stack (Previously ELK). You're welcome to share your projects on Elastic Stack. We also have Aravind Putrevu from Elastic.co with us, who is a Developer Advocate and looking after Developer Relations function in India.

Please share what you would like to talk or interested in.


1. Talk 1
Title: Visualize the Elastic Stack with Kibana
Name: Bhavya
Company : Kibana Team - Elastic.co
Abstract/Details: This is an introductory talk on using Kibana to visualize your elastic stack. It will be mostly focused on OSS along with advantages of using x-pack

2. Talk 2
Title: Auto-remediation at scale using watchers
Name: Vivek Sridhar
Company : Developer Advocate - Digital Ocean
Abstract/Details: Watcher is a plugin for Elasticsearch that provides alerting and notification based on changes in your data (which is loaded via logs from various systems into Elasticsearch). The data can be anything either application logs or infrastructure logs or software logs or event logs. You can even design event-driven automation to self-heal the failed systems & services in production.

3. Talk 3
Title: Building real world high performance application using Elastic Search
Name: Gaurav Bahrani
Company: CTO - MeTripping
Abstract / Details: MeTripping is a data driven intelligent travel search platform which attempts to simplify travel discovery, planning, and booking processes. It provides intelligent travel recommendations using handful ML and OR algorithms. At MeTripping, Elastic Search is being used for hosting dimension data for quick retrieval (indexing) and travel, stay, and vacation package recommendation (scoring). Gaurav will share the design aspects and learnings from using Elastic for MeTripping use-cases.

4. Networking Time

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Why it is called Elastic Stack : https://www.elastic.co/elk-stack



Saturday, February 3, 2018
5:00 AM – 8:30 AM UTC

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