Painless: Elasticsearch's new scripting language & Learn how Bitly uses Elastic


Apr 27, 2017, 9:30 PM – Apr 28, 2017, 12:30 AM


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• 5:30 PM - Pizza and Networking

• 6:00-6:45 PM - Talk#1: Gather 'round and hear the story of Painless!

• 6:45-7:30 PM - Talk#2: Learn how Bitly uses ElasticSearch

• 7:30 PM - Open Discussion

We have a great inaugural meetup back in February and we are excited to be hosting our second meetup for the Elastic Triangle user group on Thursday, April 27.  

Talk#1: Gather 'round and hear the story of Painless!

Back in the pre-5.0 dark ages, Elasticsearch lacked a secure scripting language. And the people were sad! But our hero Painless came in 5.0, the shining new default, careful, quick, and kind. Ever watchful of its whitelist and loop counters, Painless protects Elasticsearch from malign mandate, inadvertent or iniquitous.

Gather and hear of Painless' guiding principles, see the features they represent, and, time permitting, discuss Painless' future.

Nik Everett is an Elasticsearch Engineer based in North Carolina. Before joining Elastic, Nik worked for the Wikimedia Foundation building on site search for Wikipedia with Elasticsearch.

Talk#2: Learn how Bitly uses ElasticSearch

Learn how Bitly uses ElasticSearch to power not just standard search and retrieval of your shortened URLs, but also how we use the aggregations' feature of ElasticSearch to provide up-to-date analytic information on how engaged your target audience is with your content, across the internet at large. We’ll dive into how Bitly uses custom schemas to enable search, and into the details of how Bitly constructs aggregate queries for counting and categorizing. 

Peter Herndon is a Senior Application Engineer at Bitly, where he helps keep links short and smart. Working primarily on back-end systems, he uses an awful lot of open source software and occasionally contributes a bit of working code. Prior to joining Bitly, he worked briefly in the New York startup world, and for a much longer time at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center as a developer and systems administrator. His main passion is designing and building distributed systems, and his main extracurricular hobby is learning and teaching martial arts.



April 27 – 28, 2017
9:30 PM – 12:30 AM UTC

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