2nd Meetup - Real life use cases

Tel Aviv

Jul 28, 2014, 3:00 – 6:00 PM


About this event

The second Elasticsearch Tel-Aviv meetup will focus on real life use cases - doing interesting things with Elasticsearch.

18:00 - Doors open.

18:30 - Talks starts.

We will have 3 presentations, each around 30 minutes long.

Talk Information

1. Building a social music service with ElasticSearch - by Rotem Hermon.
serendip.me is a social music service that helps people discover great music shared by their friends, and also introduces them to their “music soulmates” - people outside their immediate social circle that shares a similar taste in music. In this talk I’ll show how ElasticSearch is used as the core component in generating the music feed, and for building a recommendation engine matching people by their musical taste.

2. Shop Your Way Newsfeed: An ElasticSearch based recommender system - by Meidan Alon.
In this talk I will present our usage of ES in the implementation of the Shop Your Way newsfeed, a social commerce feed aggregator. The goal of the newsfeed on Shop Your Way is to provide users with personalized high-quality content, supporting both recommendation and discovery use-cases. Content is aggregated from different social and commerce sources within and without Shop Your Way. It is then ranked according to its relevance to the current user and displayed on their homepage.

3. ElasticSearch and Couchbase: Index all the things! - by David Ostrovsky.
ElasticSearch is a real-time search engine with powerful querying capabilities. Couchbase Server is a leading NoSQL database designed for extreme performance, with a built-in mechanism for replicating data directly into ElasticSearch. On its own, ElasticSearch is awesome; combining it with Couchbase turns the awesomeness up to eleven! In this session, we’ll explore the possibilities that the combination of ElasticSearch and Couchbase open before us. We’ll look at how you can tie the two products into a seamless data storage and search platform. We’ll examine the benefits that each brings to the table and how we can use Couchbase for efficient storage and retrieval of data, and ElasticSearch for blazing fast indexing, full-text searches, and geo-spatial querying. Throughout the session, we’ll use hands-on demonstrations to show how to integrate these capabilities with our applications and discuss real-world examples of products that use ElasticSearch with Couchbase in production.



Monday, July 28, 2014
3:00 PM – 6:00 PM UTC


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