Elastic Thinking Tournament of Champions


Jan 19, 2017, 12:00 – 2:00 AM


About this event

UPDATE: I've reserved a large table for us in one of the quieter rooms at The News Room for 6pm. I'm capping the reservation limit at 25, based on interest so far and the benefits of not being an enormous group. 

Parking Note: I typically park at the Harmon Place ramp
25 S 11th St, Minneapolis, MN 55403  -- I have 10 free parking passes to give away if you park in this ramp after 4pm.

Meetup Details

This meetup will be a celebration of gaudy and outrageous displays of your brainpower. Shiny and sharp, Elastic Search (ES) provides potent capabilities, and there are problems to solve. But, success requires focus and plotting paths thoughtfully. The mission is daunting but worthwhile: Make the world better.

Are you in?

In this meetup, we’ll discuss one particular organization (a non-profit) and how it is using Elastic currently. Then, as a group, we’ll brainstorm and practice designing specific use cases with Elastic Stack components and automation in order to help the organization be better.

There will be some rules and a fun, social format. But, really, it’s a chance to zap our Elastic synapses and articulate how to apply Elastic in ways that can deliver real ROI and impact for an important goal.

What is the challenge?

EIX.org is a non-profit philanthropic initiative by the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation and hosted at the University of St. Thomas Schulze School of Entrepreneurship. Disclosure: I serve as the Managing Editor of EIX.

The outreach and mission of EIX.org is to support the teaching and learning of entrepreneurship and innovation, so that more business ventures end up being successful (from big corporations to small business and companies of one). Entrepreneurial thinking also benefits our ability to govern ourselves smartly and to grow prosperous communities.

More, Better, Faster...

EIX has two current use cases for Elastic Search: (1) web log analytics and (2) web content search. So, let’s just call those two flags planted. Territory earned. In this meetup, I will demonstrate those systems.

Importantly, if having TWO of something is good, then having FIVE must be awesome, right? That’s a 150% improvement right there. So, the challenge is to have 5 compelling organizational use cases for Elastic. I will provide information, review the EIX user groups and programs, and answer scoping questions, so that you may analyze different opportunities and make smart recommendations for Elastic applications.

Hmm…OK…and what is this about a PRIZE?

Based on rounds of applause, cheers, and peer envy, the champion that creates the crowd favorite Elastic Search application idea for EIX.org will be showered with trinkets and baubles. If two or more people have the same idea…bauble fight! Just kidding.

Seriously: I’m a Raspberry Pi enthusiast, and for the grand tournament champion, there will be a brand new custom starter kit with a Raspberry Pi 3B and some essential goodies, such as sensors and connectors. It’s perfect for automating something…and pretty geeky. Raspberries are awesome.

For everyone else, there is the satisfaction of a good fight, scars to show the grand children, and maybe some fame.



Thursday, January 19, 2017
12:00 AM – 2:00 AM UTC

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