Elastic Meetup at US Bank


Jul 7, 2015, 11:00 PM – Jul 8, 2015, 1:00 AM


About this event

Save the date for this July meetup! We'll have Shishir Ghate from US Bank presenting an Elasticsearch use case, and Andrew Cholakian from Elastic, presenting on exploring Wikipedia data. Food and drink will be provided.

Elasticsearch at US Bank's Freight Payment System

I'll be doing a quick talk on our implementation of ES in our product.  I will cover how our cluster is setup as well as our ongoing integration with Shield and Marvel.  Our cluster is a small four node cluster that contains about 130 million records.  We do real-time updates to the data from our SQL server as well as the monthly cluster reloads.  Our data is about 70 columns of which 30 or so are searchable.  I will also cover how our data is sharded to meet our customer needs. 

Shishir Ghate is an Application Developer for US Bank, who has been there for the past four years.  He has over seven years experience with .NET and over 15 years of experience with programming in general.  For the past two years, he has also been responsible for  maintaining our ES cluster and adding functionality as needed.

Exploring Wikipedia with Elasticsearch

In this talk we'll show how easy it is to build a search engine for English Language Wikipedia using Elasticsearch using the full Wikipedia database dumps. We'll also build interactive charts and graphs of the data with the Kibana GUI for Elasticsearch. 

Andrew Cholakian is a full stack engineer and member of the Logstash team at Elastic. He's a veteran of multiple startups, having worn all sorts of hats. His favorite technologies are Clojure, Ruby, and the JVM. He originally hails from Los Angeles, CA, but now lives in Minneapolis, MN.

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