Elasticsearch @Redbooth Barcelona


Apr 13, 2015, 5:00 – 8:00 PM


About this event

We are very pleased to announce this  meetup @ Redbooth. Thanks so much for hosting us!


7:00pm - Registration & Drinks
7:30pm - Talk 1 (Johannes Lyda - Bmat)
8:00pm - Talk 2 (Carlos Saura - Redbooth)
8:30pm - Q&A
9:00pm - More networking and drinks

Talk 1 - Elasticsearch applied in Music Monitoring Service


Replacing Lucene Java Webservice with customized Elasticsearch Java Plugin

Bio: Johannes Lyda 

Johannes coordinates the investigation and research activities on Audio Identification and Metadata Matching at BMAT, providing the worlds leading music monitoring solution in the music industry. Over the last years, he dedicated his work as a Software and Research Engineer to a couple of different areas as of Organic Computing, Machine Learning, Geo Informatics and Signal Processing. In his free time he is a passionate cook, hiking guide and martial arts enthusiast. Johannes lives in Barcelona, Spain.

Talk 2 - Elasticsearch a tool more elastic than only search


Since last year Elasticsearch has become a Swiss Army knife for Redbooth being integrated at different levels of the app.

Bio: Carlos Saura

Carlos Saura started developing Ruby on Rails applications 7 years ago for different companies. He joined Redbooth 3 years ago to help the backend team on different areas like: developing the new API, create integrations and create the new search. Currently he is working in the Real Time team inside Redbooth. Carlos in his free time rides his motorcycle and can spend hours discussing why dogs are better than cats. Carlos lives in Sabadell, Spain.


  • Janko Strassburg

    Principal Support Engineer

  • Jorge Sanz


    Principal Software Engineer

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