Elasticsearch Snapshots & Elastic Cloud Enterprise


Feb 27, 2019, 12:00 – 2:00 AM


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Heya, join us for our first meetup for 2019. We'll have two speakers and thank you to Intersys (https://www.intersysconsulting.com/) for hosting and sponsoring the refreshments!

The agenda for the evening is:

6:00pm - Doors open. Food & beverage will be provided
6:30pm - ECE, Presented By: Raj Kalluri, Practice Director
7:15pm - Elasticsearch Snapshots in the Real World Presented By: Mehmet Hoops
8:00pm - Mingling time
8:30pm - We'll wrap things up

ECE, Presented By: Raj Kalluri, Practice Director

Elastic Cloud Enterprise is the Elastic Stack orchestration platform solution from Elastic. It attempts to consolidate all cluster management configuration, deployment, allocation and REST API functionality into one tool on any type of infrastructure. The goal is to relieve administrative burdens by centralizing cluster management. The platforms strengths are in speed and complexity of deployment, ease of use, operational monitoring and flexibility with installation options. Limitations will also be highlighted to provide clearer insight into cost-benefit analysis when evaluating the platform versus other orchestrations.

Raj currently serves as Intersys’ Practice Director – Data, Analytics, Search. Raj has over twenty years of experience in a variety of roles including developer, DevOps engineer, technical lead, architect and analyst across a wide variety of domains (Biotech, Healthcare, Financial, Publishing and Defense Research domains). Most recently specializing in Big Data and Cloud Compute platforms.

Elasticsearch Snapshots in the Real World Presented By: Mehmet Hoops

Snapshots are an important feature in Elasticsearch. The primary use case is for disaster recovery. But, they are also useful for copying clusters, migrating environments and creating test indices. The problem is that the documentation does not provide clear examples for combined operations. As a result, creating solutions for specific problems can be more difficult than expected. This is undesirable in most scenarios that require snapshots to be utilized on a short timeline, such as standing up a new cluster in the event of a production outage. Using real world examples and data, we will examine strategies for restoring snapshots, specific indices and migrating to different clusters or ECE Installations using the REST API and through Kibana.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019
12:00 AM – 2:00 AM UTC

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