Delhi Meetup October 2022


Oct 1, 2022, 5:00 – 8:30 AM


About this event

Please come and join us for the in-person meetup in Delhi!


1st October, Saturday, 10.30 - 14:00, Delhi time


5th Floor, DLF Two Horizon Centre, DLF Phase 5, Gurugram, HR, 122002, India


1. We will discussing the introduction with respect to elasticsearch and beats after that will be covering open source HIDS agent wazuh integration with Elastic and open threat intel with virustotal.

2. When we talk about observability the most common reaction is "What is this?" But also things like "We just launched an observability initiative but we are still figuring out exactly how to do it" and finally, some organizations already consider observability an integral part of how to design and build products and services. Since the term is still gaining momentum in this talk I demystify what Elastic observability is to us, how we understand it and how to use the Stack for that purpose.

Speaker: Shrikant Gulia

Information Security Engineer and SOC Analyst, CyberGate Defense

An elastic certified engineer and also an elastic certified analyst, currently working as senior security engineer at Reliance Jio having total 5+ yrs of experience.

Speaker: Ashish Tiwari

Developer Advocate, Elastic

Having experience in Software & Email Industry. Currently, working as a Senior Developer Advocate, India at Elastic.

Started journey with Software Engineer. Throughout the journey, I got the opportunity to work with great minds on various stacks, databases & programming languages. Worked with various types of use cases and contributed to solutions.

I have been wearing multiple hats as a startup guy so got a chance to work on system design, scaling, system architect, coding, maintenance, customer support & tickets, etc. It was not just tech but also marketing & Community engagement.

I am an Open Source fan & Love to contribute to the community. I like to speak about tech.



Saturday, October 1, 2022
5:00 AM – 8:30 AM UTC


  • Ashish Tiwari


    Senior Developer Advocate

  • Shrikant Gulia

    CyberGate Defense

    Information Security Engineer and SOC Analyst


  • Ashish Tiwari


    Senior Developer Advocate

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