SIEM and Threat Intel Adoption with Security Ecosystem


May 25, 2021, 7:00 – 8:00 AM


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SIEM and Threat Intel Adoption with Security Ecosystem


- Top 5 SIEM considerations of 2021

- Threat intel adoption with security ecosystem


Today, SIEM software needs to support big data and provide credible risk assessments and forensics capabilities to piece together events after an incident has occurred. Security analysts have long needed to adapt to changing threats, environments, and perimeters. The ability to integrate with new technologies and increase flexibility in order to detect rapid threat changes has given rise to new expectations and demands on modern SIEM software. We will discuss some top five considerations that security teams expect out of their SIEM today, followed by threat intel adoption with the security ecosystem.

Speaker: Louis Ong

Louis is Elastic Support Engineer. Being a member of Elastic Support Team, he is currently working with customers to do amazing stuff with Elastic stack. His previous life dealt a lot with ArcSight SIEM (SIEM consultant with KPMG and ArcSight Technical Support).

Speaker: Haran Kumar

Haran is Elastic Solutions Architect, Security Specialist. He is a passionate security professional with extensive experience in SOC architecture and operations. Currently, he is living his security passion by helping projects and prospects in architecting security solutions with Elastic stack.

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