Create Kibana Visualisations Using Drag and Drop


Aug 5, 2021, 2:15 – 3:00 AM


About this event

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We love to visualise data. Data visualisation is natural for the human mind to comprehend and therefore makes it easier to identify trends, patterns, and outliers within large data sets.

However, showing the data visually sometimes takes a lot of time.

There are many decisions to be made, starting with selecting what relationships to show with which visualisation to present the information effectively. Dashboards may need to be rebuilt again and again to suit various audiences.

Kibana Lens, provided by Elastic, is an intuitive UI that simplifies the process of data visualisation through a drag-and-drop experience. It vastly reduces the time to build actionable insights by eliminating back-and-forth guesswork.

In this meetup, Saad Abbasi from Skilledfield will introduce how Kibana Lens works with a live demo. Join this session to learn more about displaying data smartly and improving your team's efficiency by creating an easy-to-use dashboard.

The meetup will cover:

-Introduction to Elastic and Kibana Lens

-What issues can Kibana Lens resolve

-Demo on Kibana Lens

The meetup is on Thursday, 5th August 2021, via Webex and is a must for all big data professionals.

Speaker Bio:

Saad Abbasi, Data Analyst, Skilledfield

As an Elastic Certified Engineer, analysing large datasets and reporting key findings to customers is Saad’s superpower. His Master’s Degree in Information Systems gives him the ability to make fact and data-based recommendations. He excels in creating interactive visualisations and dashboards that tell insightful stories through meaningful data.

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