Bengaluru Meetup July 2022 (In-person)


Jul 9, 2022, 5:00 – 8:00 AM

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About this event

Join us for our In-Person event held in partnership with Rakuten. The event is held at the Rakuten India Enterprise Private Limited office in Bengaluru followed by lunch. The first arrivals at the event location get Elastic SWAG so grab your free ticket today! 

*Please note you need to show a Government ID, Covid Vaccination Certificate, and RSVP for the event for admission.

Session 1:

Title: Elastic Query-DSL & Aggregations

Speaker: Vinod Kumar

Vinod's talk is an Elastic Overview about its query capabilities and great support for Domain-specific language and aggregations with examples. He will cover real-world examples and conduct working sessions and hands-on demos for the above concepts.

Session 2:

Title: Automating Elastic deployment using Ansible

Speaker: Himani Raghav

Himani's Talk: The Elastic Stack is a powerful set of tools that allows us to store, analyze and visualize huge quantities of data proficiently. Although the official documentation is comprehensive and depicts the steps to install, configure and deploy the stack, it gets complex in a production environment. The steps are largely repetitive and one can find them fairly complex without prior experience.

To overcome this issue, Ansible can be used to automate the entire process. Not only does this add a layer of abstraction to the user, but it also saves a lot of time.

This session will be about how one can automate the entire deployment of the Elastic stack using Ansible playbooks. The session will be categorized into three stages- Introduction, Problem statement, and Solution.

Session 3:

Title: Building Search Engine with Elastic App Search

Speaker: Ashish Tiwari (Developer Advocate @ Elastic)

Ashish's Talk: Building a web application to solve a business problem is easy in today's world. But, how about creating an experience that lets your user spend more time on the service.

To do that essentially, we need to equip the application with quintessential features like search.

Most websites like eCommerce, Food Delivery, and Social media rely on search. Search is omnipresent and one can't ignore the users searching for something on your website.

In this talk, we will primarily, bring up a search engine and build a react-based web app within minutes.

Session 4: Lunch 


  • Himani Raghav


    Project Engineer

  • Vinod Kumar

    Lowe's India

  • Ashish Tiwari


    Senior Developer Advocate


  • Ashish Tiwari


    Senior Developer Advocate

  • Kawnish Panse


    Community Programs Specialist

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