Gujarat Meetup August 2022 (Live Streaming)

APJ Virtual Group

Aug 6, 2022, 5:30 – 8:30 AM

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Beginner FriendlyElastic Stack

About this event

Join us for the live streaming of our in-person meetup held in India. 

Session 1:

Title: A short primer on ElasticStack

Speaker: Sandeep Kanabar

In this session, Sandeep takes you on a quick tour of ES - beginning with basics to advanced topics.

  • CRUD operations
  • Schemaless vs Schema (mapping)
  • Indexed vs non-indexed fields and their use-cases
  • Managed vs Self-managed Stacks
  • Index settings
  • Best Compression to save disk space
  • Force-merging past RO indices
  • Efficient Sharding strategy
  • The curious case of uneven sized shards

Session 2:

Title: Deploy Highly available Elasticsearch cluster on Azure Kubernetes Service using terraform

Speaker: Nitesh Sakhiya

In this talk, Nitesh will showcase how to automate the deployment of Elasticsearch cluster on Kubernetes specifically on AKS. The deployment will be done using Terraform code. This type of setup can be used when you need to manage a lot of data and high availability is needed.

Session 3:

Title: Building Search Engine with Elastic App Search

Speaker: Ashish Tiwari (Developer Advocate @ Elastic)

In this talk, Ashish will take you through building a web application to solve a business problem is easy in today's world. But, how about creating an experience that lets your user spend more time on the service.

To do that essentially, we need to equip the application with quintessential features like search.

Most websites like eCommerce, Food Delivery, and Social media rely on search. Search is omnipresent and one can't ignore the users searching for something on your website.

In this talk, he will primarily, bring up a search engine and build a react-based web app within minutes.


  • Sandeep Kanabar


    Sr Princ Software Engineer

  • Nitesh Sakhiya


    Senior DevOps Engineer

  • Ashish Tiwari


    Senior Developer Advocate


  • Ashish Tiwari


    Senior Developer Advocate

  • Kawnish Panse


    Community Programs Specialist

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