Capgemini: Optimizing Cost and Realizing ROIs by Leveraging Observability

United States and Canada Virtual

Aug 11, 2020, 8:00 – 9:00 PM


About this event

Organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to fulfill their overall monitoring requirements. Recent shifts in the digital transformation space mean that there are many more dynamic systems to monitor and observe. These systems are interconnected in complex ways and this makes monitoring even more critical. Typically, organizations have 5 + tools to:

- Monitor logs

- Monitor KPIs, metrics or graphs

- Monitor/Observe Infrastructure/System availability or downtime

- Monitor data related to cloud, network et al.

- Business data

All this leads to a very segregated. Fragmented and sometimes isolated approach to Monitoring – typically looking at multiple dashboards/views simultaneously leading to operational inefficiencies and cost overruns.

Capgemini's Solution: The above challenges need to be resolved with a tool/solution that can provide end to end visibility into an organization’s entire ecosystem right from Application Performance & Monitoring, System logs, metrics, KPIs to cloud/infra monitoring all in a single pane of glass providing a unified dashboarding & alerting experience. This will provide organizations with critical insights/data points necessary to provide optimum customer experience and internally focus on operational efficiencies and cost optimization.


  • George Kobar


    Sr. Community Advocate

  • Nardeep Singh



  • Olivia Petrie


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